September 9th Community Meeting

Mark Lucio(vp), Karen Herman(c), Trevor Thompson(c), Frank Pullen(p),Tom Wilkins, Terry Murphy(s), Anne Legue(b), Steve Miles(b), Cindy Miles(t)

Ward 2 Councillors Karen Herman and Trevor Thompson came out to the SCA meeting tonight. We talked about drainage, abandoned houses and trailers, fire services and the stop sign on Brock St.
Councillors took notes and responded to some questions from community members. People were mostly concerned about property standards and drainage. Nothing new there.
People were reminded that the Hall has been serving Shrewsbury as a community center of 50 years as of August 19th.
A motion was forwarded by Ken Bell to readdress the 2013 decision to have all future meetings at the Baptist Church.
---Motion was carried by a 2/3 + Majority
2nd motion was to have future Shrewsbury Community Association meetings at the Shrewsbury Community Center.
---Motion was carried by a majority vote.

Councillors will return for our November meeting. The date will be announced soon. Please come out and express your concerns about our community and how we can improve it.
We would like to thank the Shrewsbury Baptist Church and Johnny Washington for hosting meetings during the formative period of the SCA.
This Community is growing in leaps and bounds and now with Councillors on board, we're going to improve even faster.