Shrewsbury Photo Contest

Shrewsbury Photo Contest,
...for the 2017 Shrewsbury Calendar.
Your winning photo, along with 11 others, will appear on one of months of the 2017 Shrewsbury Calendar.
We are also seeking sponsorship for at a level of 100.00/month. Your business logo and contact will appear in an inset banner for that month.
First come. First serve
--->Photo Contest Rules<---
-Contest ends November 1st, 2016.
-3 entries per person.
-Send entries to:
  Subject: Photo Contest
  Your Name, Address,
  Contact Info. and Location
  & Year of Photo entries.
We'll get back to you within a couple days.
-Shrewsbury Area themed
Can be historical, natural, sports, event oriented etc.
(If it's somewhere unidentifiable please provide the specific location!)
-Photos should be of a reasonably good quality, (focus, size, light level, etc)
-Use your own photos, or photos you have permission to use.
-personal watermarks accepted along either bottom corner.
-entries not limited to residents.
-Photos may be cropped/resized to fit the calendar format. We won't distort them.
-Smaller versions of the Winning Photos, along with the Name of the Photographer will be placed on this website.
-Your stuff, is Your stuff.
Entrants understand that they're letting us use the photos for the calendar only, free of charge.