The 2016 Shrewsbury Crappie Tournament, Another Success.

Largest Fish, Lucas Fancy 13.75"

Adult:   Total Length, 3 fish
1st) Mike Nicholas.    38"   Steve O' Brien Memorial Trophy
2nd) Egon Messnor.   37.75"
3rd) Denise Benoit.    36"
4th) Lucas Fancy.      35.75"

12 & Under: Total Length 2 Fish
1st) Ethan Gideon.    23.5
2nd) Owen Hillman    22.75
3rd) Noel Lumley.      22.25
4th) Kaizen Sobry.     22.25

Children Under 5:  Total Length 2 Fish
1st) Colton Jenkins     22.25
2nd) Paizly Hussar.     21.5
3rd) Jase Hussar.        21.25
4th) Clayton Hart.        19.5

Lucas Fancy, Largest Fish

Jase Hussar

Weigh In, Cindy and Steve Miles, Frank Pullen

For their kind sponsorship, we would like to thank:

Belfor Restoration...
Blenheim Chevrolet,
Maple City Marine,
L'S Shrewsbury Bait,
Pinwood Truck Parts, 
Hunter Brothers and