2017 Earth Day Cleanup

Shrewsbury Heron Rookery

On Saturday April 22nd, 8am, the Shrewbury Community Association in partnership with the Rondeau Bay Waterfowlers will host the 5th annual Town Wide and Bay Wide, Earth Day Cleanup and Celebration. Everyone is welcome.

Participants are asked gather at the Shrewbury Community Center on 112 New Scotland line 8am where free coffee and hot cider will be served and directions provided as well as gloves, bags and safety jackets.
Afterwards, along with a hearty brunch of Pancakes, Canadian Sausage and Shrewsbury Maple Syrup, volunteers will be offered a free potted, Eastern White Pine, the Provincial tree of Ontario along with planting instructions. Commemorate Canada's 150th birthday by planting a tree that can live for over 300 years!

The bay-wide cleanup is continued from a legacy of partnerships between the Rondeau Watershed Coalition, Rondeau Bay Waterfowlers, Red Devil Dive Club, the LTVCA, Parks Ontario and many local business and volunteers.  Between 1995 and 2003 over 20 tons of metal and trash was pulled from Rondeau Bay by hundreds of enthusiastic volunteers.

Today the Rondeau Bay Waterfowlers and Bayside residents continue to keep Rondeau Bay and our communities as clean as they can be.

Did you know that wetlands prevent the growth of algae, trap silt and nutrients, provide spawning beds for fish and clean the water?  All that for free!

Join us, on Earth Day, April 22nd.
For further information please email:
Or call 519-350-9037

About Our Home

Shrewsbury is a small hamlet, of about 345 residents on the North Shore of Rondeau Bay within the Municipality of Chatham Kent, in Southwestern Ontario.

We have the unique distinction of being the oldest planned community in Kent County, originally envisioned by Upper Canada Governor, John Graves Simcoe as a County Seat, and port town for the Suffok County that preceded Kent. The town plan, a series of 5 acre blocks arranged in a regular grid was created on the high ground of Rondeau Bay by Abraham Iredell in 1797 along with the "Communication Road", linking Rondeau Bay with the Thames River and the Military Town of Chatham, to the North.

Today, Shrewsbury provides a quiet, safe home for families and retired residents with a number of opportunities for small town community engagement. Our events include a spring Maple Syrup Festival, an Earth Day Celebration, monthly community Bingo's, Yearly community Yardsales, our annual Ribs and Blues Festival, an Autumn Chili Cookoff and a Christmas Parade. There are plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy enjoy ourselves.

Shrewsbury also has the distinction of being surrounded by marsh wetlands along the north shore of Rondeau Bay. A home for many fish, amphibian and bird species including many species a risk. In the summer, Canoeing and Kayaking along the shore and up the 6 canals and channels reveals a beauty rarely seen and a closeness to nature never forgotten.

For those who love fishing and hunting, a free boatwell at the end of Brock St, is an early morning destination.

We love our little village and hope you will too.

Our Past

Series of photos from the Chatham Kent Museum showing Shrewsbury and Raglan from the 1960's and 70's.

Wellington St.

Willsons Dock. (Photo Mirror Reversed)



Brock St and Bayview

The 2016 Shrewsbury Crappie Tournament, Another Success.

Largest Fish, Lucas Fancy 13.75"

Adult:   Total Length, 3 fish
1st) Mike Nicholas.    38"   Steve O' Brien Memorial Trophy
2nd) Egon Messnor.   37.75"
3rd) Denise Benoit.    36"
4th) Lucas Fancy.      35.75"

12 & Under: Total Length 2 Fish
1st) Ethan Gideon.    23.5
2nd) Owen Hillman    22.75
3rd) Noel Lumley.      22.25
4th) Kaizen Sobry.     22.25

Children Under 5:  Total Length 2 Fish
1st) Colton Jenkins     22.25
2nd) Paizly Hussar.     21.5
3rd) Jase Hussar.        21.25
4th) Clayton Hart.        19.5

Lucas Fancy, Largest Fish

Jase Hussar

Weigh In, Cindy and Steve Miles, Frank Pullen

For their kind sponsorship, we would like to thank:

Belfor Restoration...
Blenheim Chevrolet,
Maple City Marine,
L'S Shrewsbury Bait,
Pinwood Truck Parts, 
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